About Us

This work is one of the major tasks of the Bio/Chem-informatics in Personalized Medicine (BCIPM) Project, which is supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and Shanghai Postdoctoral Science Foundation. This work is also supported by National 863 project, National 973 project of China.

The major tasks of the project are:

    Predicting the SADR outcome of a compound through pattern recognition based on its Chemical-Protein Interactome profile;
    Harvesting candidate genes for SADR through constructing and data-mining towards a comprehensive Chemical-Protein Interactome (CPI);
    Indentifying brand new therapeutic targets for network pharmacology through constructing and data-mining towards a comprehensive CPI;
    Constructing a server (SePreSA) for the prediction of population susceptible to SADR.
    Constructing a bibliomics based database of SADR-related genes (SADR Gengleā„¢).

Principle Investigator: Lin He Ph. D & Lun Yang Ph. D


Algorithm design & CGI programming: Lun Yang Ph. D, Department of Translational Bioinformatics, Bio-X Center, Fudan University/Chinese Academy of Sciences/Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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